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According to a Gallup survey from 2023, just 23% of employees are truly thriving at work. 18% are actively disengaged (loud quitting) and 59% are not engaged (quiet quitting).

I help organizations to identify why their employees are not so engaged and to change that.

This is typically done through a comprehensive needs assessment. Following the assessment, I suggest several group training sessions that I believe will help or self-paced online training and individual coaching sessions with staff to help your employees to thrive.

Each organization has different needs, but a sample solution would include the following

The following sample is based on a team of 20 staff.


  • A comprehensive questionnaire to be completed by staff members to identify how they rate themselves in the 6 areas of wellbeing. The 6 areas are: emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. The questionnaire is best completed anonymously, in order to get the most honest responses.
  • ​20 x 15 minute confidential interviews with staff to understand their greatest challenges


  • Badass mindset coach
  • ​Recognized as one of Geneva’s TOP coaches by Influence Digest
  • ​Passionate about fitness and health, following my dreams and helping my clients to follow theirs



  • Purpose Alignment: Help employees to feel more connected to the mission of the organization so that they engage more and experience more job satisfaction
  • Stress Management And Vitality: Learn incremental habit change to reduce stress, boost energy, and feel happier
  • Emotional Intelligence Cultivation: Learn how to become more self-aware, more empathic, and better at interpersonal relationships to improve team collaboration and to foster more meaningful connections.
  • Personal Discipline And Structure: Establish habits and routines to promote productivity, focus, and goal achievement.
  • ​Self-Coaching For Achievement: Acquire tools and strategies to overcome obstacles, set clear goals, and consistently pursue success.
  • ​Coaching Skills: Learn powerful coaching skills to get the best from team members and peers



A bank of 100 coaching sessions to support staff members individually with both personal and professional stress

5 x 50-minute coaching sessions for 20 staff members


Needs analysis – $2,500
3 full-day or 6 half-day custom group trainings – $7,500
Pack of 100 coaching sessions – $30,000
TOTAL: $40,000

Please note that this is a SAMPLE offer. It’s important for me to understand the specific needs of the organization and to make the intended results as quantifiable as possible. It is important that the organization gets the highest ROI possible from the coaching investment so measuring this is essential.

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