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Food Massively Soothes

One of the main reasons people don’t succeed with fat-loss efforts is because food massively soothes.


How do I know? Because I know :-).


You can get to a certain point with a great meal-plan and a stellar exercise plan, but that wont take care of the emotional void you feel when you get the impulse to soothe boredom, pain, loneliness, sadness, anger or fear.


Having a very strong WHY that you feel emotionally connected to will help heaps.


That’s why people who get a help scare suddenly quit smoking or drop weight when they could not before.


They are emotionally connected to wanting to stay alive, play with their grand kids or avoid costly medical attention.


Some don’t even manage to change their habits despite their fear. They still need the substance to soothe.


I don’t judge anyone in that situation.


We are all fighting our own battles.


But I do know how to help.


I do know that staying in the proverbial room and not giving up on what you know you truly want, no matter how hard it gets, pays dividends.


I do know that having someone in your corner who wont judge you when you fall off the wagon, but will offer a compassionate hand, is transformative.


I do know that having a meal plan that includes crisps is what works for some people, aka me :-).


Knowing ourselves. Knowing what our triggers are. Working out how we can deal with them… that makes all the difference.


There is some days when eating cake is the best thing you can do.


Until you feel stronger again.


And then you get back on the horse.


My Fired-Up Fitness low-cost monthly membership program is designed to help you to do that.


Just show up each week and get supported.


You might not commit to a plan for several weeks or months.


That’s okay. Maybe you need to work through some emotional challenges first, and I will help you in the weekly group calls (or you work with me privately first).


Regardless, I’ll be encouraging you to just keep showing up.


One step at a time.


And you might just surprise yourself.


I never ever imagined I would be where I now am with my fitness and health.


But I held the vision for it.


That’s where it starts.


If you want my help with that, click here.



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