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How To Know When Your Ego Is At Play And How To Release It

Ego is the unobserved mind. It’s a hypnotic, dream-like state in which you dream up your life. Things happen to you and the ego reacts without any awareness. It acts according to its aggressive, defensive conditioning and is completely at the mercy of what happens around it.
Ego perpetuates its own state. It strengthens itself through attaching to beliefs.
Everything becomes personal. Everything that arises is to do with the ME. “He offended me”, “she betrayed me”, “they used me” etc. etc.
The moment that I interpret something as personal to me, I am projecting. Nothing is in fact personal.
Our reaction will determine what unfolds next.
If we react from ego, we will get the result that the ego projected. Then the ego will be right. “You see? I told you he was a cruel narcissist!”
The ego creates the whole story. The resulting story serves to confirm that the initial interpretation of events was absolutely correct. The ego fails to see its part in that unfolding.
The ego is identified with a mental position. It’s impossible to convince it of its illusory nature. Engaging with it only strengthens it. Arguing with it is completely futile.
Ego triggers emotions which trigger pain and more ego. It’s a vicious cycle. It feels threatened by anything or anyone that challenges it. It will convince itself that it was right all along. It is deluded because it fails to see its part in the unfolding of that ‘right’.
The suffering that we experience is self-created. Whatever we believe about another, we are the one experiencing the pain of that.
Density of ego varies from person to person. Some have a heavy, dramatic ego, full of sadness, anger, and drama.
Other people will either draw you into egoic unconsciousness or force you into more intense presence if you choose inner freedom.
Seeing these people as a gift and a teacher is your way out. They are here to guide you towards more presence and inner freedom.
That inner freedom is available to us all if we so choose.
Life gifts us the opportunity to go inside. Unfortunately, that opportunity is usually missed because the ego takes over with its stories. The first step in stopping that pattern is awareness.
If you are still reading this, you now have a new level of awareness. Use it well. You are up against a very strong force, but light trumps darkness when you are committed to living your life from love 🙏😊.
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