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How We Consistently Con Ourselves

Believing that a future success, possession, or social status will bring us the peace and joy we seek is playing a losing game.
The ultimate goal we strive for can never be fulfilled by something outside of us.
Whilst most of us know this truth deep down, our ego resists it. It coaxes us into taking the bait, believing that β€˜this time it will be amazing’. πŸŽ£πŸ’­
Going after exciting goals, improving our productivity and habits to achieve them is a worthy pursuit.
However, it’s the experiences that unfold during the present moment journey, not the destination itself, that counts. πŸŒŸπŸ›€οΈ
The satisfaction derived from reaching our goals is fleeting.
Behind each accomplishment lies another and another. It will never be enough. β©πŸ”„
Relying on external factors to fill a void or soothe our internal discontent is a form of self-delusion.
Even if we believe we have found something to fill the void, we can never rest, because there is always the risk of losing it – and of course, we will.
Nothing is permanent except for our timeless and formless essence.
‘All will be well’ exists within our inner essence, beyond our thoughts, not out there.
Ultimately, having the courage to dissolve the self and shed our ego is what will bring the peace we seek. ✨
The void we feel was never real; it was a story created by the ego to sustain itself.
Letting go of the ego and embracing the present moment is the path to healing and fulfillment. 🌼
That’s the ultimate goal I am working on beyond the exciting goals I am pursuing.
It feels like I still have quite a lot of work to do.. but that’s just another story the ego tries to hook me with ☺.
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