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That was the subject heading of an email I got this morning from a most inspiring woman that I love.
I laughed out loud.
OBVIOUSLY it’s not personal. 👀
It was actually a great email.
I am one of … random guess.. at least 100,000 subscribers on her mailing list.
As I suspected, there is uproar. 🙄
People have taken it so personally.
Why do people choose to get so offended?
Why do people think that THEY are THE SPECIAL FAT SNOWFLAKE? ❄️
We need to LIGHTEN UP.
And please don’t bring the “you are a gaslighter” weaponry out. 🙏
I’m not.
I just know where our power lies.
It’s inside of us.
We get to choose who we give that power to.
We are in control of that power.
That means if we are offended, it’s because we CHOOSE to make something about us.
If we get offended, it’s because we ourselves believe it on some level and we are not happy about it.
So it’s a beautiful invitation to address it if we are not happy about it.
The choice then would be to either ACCEPT our body as it is (curves are beautiful) … or to learn how to burn fat efficiently and make a plan for better health. 🏋️‍♀️💪
Both of those choices are empowered choices. 💥
NOBODY outside of you has the power to upset you if you are good with you.
And I know that it was FAR from the intention that that particular woman had.
She has changed many women’s lives including mine. 🌸
I’m grateful for brave and impactful people like her. 🙏😁
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