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What Kind Of A Coach Do You Want To Become?

During my coaching journey, when I was refining my skills, I completed some training with a reputable coaching institute.

Whilst it was good, it was nothing new for me. My initial training to get my Work of Byron Katie certification was super intense and deep. I was skilled at holding space for a client but my still not confident mind believed I needed more skills. (Sidenote: I didn’t, I needed more belief in myself.)

So I considered continuing with that coaching institute.

But instead I invested my money with an opinionated, tattooed online coach. A coach who the international coaching federation would have squirmed at.

But she inspired me.

She knew how to speak to my soul.

Her videos were far from polished, but I loved how she kept things REAL.

She got success on her terms, doing what she loved, following her rules.

I wanted to achieve that kind of success. Success from being myself, not from following some organizational rules and protocols.

Plus tattooed coach was super fit and healthy.
And she had been through hard times whilst growing her business so she was also resilient. She had earned her stripes.
She was mega-disciplined and talked a lot about the importance of disciplined habits.

Discipline is easy when you are passionate about the outcome you seek.

That’s what I wanted!

A fit, healthy, disciplined life, designed on my terms, that I felt FIRED-UP about!

The leadership team behind the coaching institute that I had been thinking of continuing with did not inspire me in that way.

They were um.. frumpy.
They were … an institution.

There is nothing wrong with frumpy by the way. I’m very far from a fashionista myself, lol. But I’m talking about energetically frumpy.

So I knew it was wrong for me.
You can only bring a client as far as you have come yourself. Maybe they had come far, but it was not in the direction I wanted to go.

I would have been going with that institute out of fear.
Fear of what people would think because the coaching path I took wasn’t as reputable.

And that was not the person I wanted to be.

I do not want to bring my clients on some academic journey so they get A stars in their coaching certification.

No, I work with clients who want A stars in courage, tenacity and having the boldness to march proudly to the beat of their own incredible drum!

So I went with a super expensive program from the tattooed coach and I never regretted it.

I trusted my gut and it was the right path for me.
It was the courageous path.
And I was committed.

Coaching certifications are worth nothing if the person behind it isn’t living a life that they feel fired-up about.

That’s why I created The Fired-Up Coaching Academy.

The Academy will not only teach you how to coach but it will bring you on a year-long journey of positive habit change.

As Mahatma Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world”.

It starts on the inside.

My goal for everyone that joins my year-long academy is that you will develop the courage and the drive to go after the kind of life that you truly want.

And I will support you with that no matter what.

You don’t have to have some big audacious goals either.

The academy is for EVERYONE that my message resonates with.

When you join, I will help you to define the goals that are right for you. I’ll help you get in touch with what you truly want.

Honestly, most people are so out of touch with what they really want. We are so influenced by a society of shoulds.

I’m much more concerned with your happiness, your joy and the positive impact that you being you will have on your world, being fully you.

Ready to join us?

Click here to read all about it.

With FIRED-UP love,

Niamh xx

P.S. This academy is going to ROCK! It’s already attracting awesome people!!!

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