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🌟 Healing Shame 🌟

The majority of my clients hire me because they have a business they wish to start or grow from a place of alignment.

Whilst I love helping my clients to find the courage to RISE, there is another deeper aspect to my work which I don’t share about so publicly.

I hold space for them whilst they process deep levels of shame, guilt, pain and regret.

I do not speak. I just listen and let them talk.

Nothing else is needed beyond asking them the questions to get them to that space of feeling safe enough to share.

I’m sharing this because I know it’s very valuable work that many people need.

Often, shame is the primary reason for procrastination and stuckness.

Shining a light on that and peeling back those layers of shame brings a new level of lightness and self-confidence that causes a lot to shift.

The positive effects of that can be truly life-changing.

It can be hard to find someone that we feel safe enough to share our deepest secrets with.

Trust me. NOTHING will shock me and I do not judge.

We are all doing the best we can.

We can take responsibility for past mistakes without letting it haunt our future.

When we release the shame, we feel lighter, freer and more energized to have the impact we truly want to have.

No matter what your past is, if you hire me to work through something, you are now deciding on a different life experience. I take your decision very seriously.

When you heal, chances are that you might want to then help others to heal also. There is a beautiful ripple effect that comes with that transformation.

Message me if you want to chat about how I can help you.

Love Niamh ❀

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