1. Make the decision to feel good. Sell it to yourself with the pain versus pleasure pitch which goes like this:

a. evaluate your life and list the things that aren’t working for you (be brutally honest with yourself)
b. list the benefits of you stepping into truly feeling good. Take the time to imagine how GOOD that will feel!!!
c. Ask yourself how your life will be in a year if you take no action to change (hint: it might not look prettier, hope doesn’t transmute action very well)
d. Decide to change and start to feel good RIGHT NOW in this moment, and then the next moment, and then the next moment…

2. Drop your stories. The reason it feels hard right now is because of your stories:

Complete this journaling prompt to discover what your stories are: “I can’t possibly feel good right now because……
(hint: common justifications for not allowing yourself to feel good include reasons like betraying family loyalties if you grew up in a negative environment, fear of losing connection with others because of an experience of connecting with others through struggle, guilt because you have it better than others who are close to you or others anywhere on the planet and that doesn’t seem fair, etc.)

3. Start the night before with journaling on how you choose to feel good the next day.

4. Do SPORT.. any kind of sport, just move your body and ENJOY IT!!!

5. Feel the joy of being ALIVE even when you don’t feel so upbeat. Give thanks for aliveness. Feel it running through your veins.

6. Call someone you LOVE… feel connected. We humans love to feel connected.

7. Write down 20/50/100 things you are grateful for in your life. Yep, there is a reason why practicing GRATITUDE is the most common advice cited for raising your vibration!

8. Play HAPPY music (Green Onions by Otis Redding raised my vibe today). Give thanks for music and for artists.

9. Google “Holly Butcher letter” and read the 27-year olds heart-breaking letter that she shared days before her death from cancer. It will make you appreciate your life more and take it less for granted.

10. Do what you truly WANT to do in your life. Just do it. Break up with fear.

11. Stop doing things that lower your vibe – eating meat was one for me. What is it that you do that doesn’t sit right with you?

12. If you can’t stop it right now, learn to love it for now and choose to do it from a place of love rather than guilt and shame – you’ll be amazed what happens when you release the guilt and shame! All kinds of self-criticism can go too, just pick yourself up and try again when you fall down, no need for drama (no failures only feedback!).

13. Sing, dance, write, create (who says you have to be “good” at it?)

14. Hang around UPBEAT people and let go of the complainers!

15. Appreciate all the SIMPLE things – healthy food, fresh air, FREEDOM, nature, etc.

16. PLAY – imagine you’ve just been freed from prison and you are overjoyed with your newfound freedom. Play, play, play.s

17. Be SILLY. Be daring. Be bold. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

18. Choose to be your own hero and release all blame (it’s a losing game!). Trust that challenges are part of your journey. Be very careful of anyone you confide in who encourages a victim mentality. No matter what, you get to choose your perspective and you get to decide if you want to GROW or shrink from ANY situation.

19. Help someone else to feel good. Volunteer. Be of service to humanity. Fully feel the joy of giving.

20. Fully feel the joy and let yourself feel touched by receiving.

21. Feel excited about what’s coming for you, now that you have committed to feeling good. Hurrah!

22. Know the POWER of your mind. It can create fear and terror, but it can equally create great JOY.

23. Eat exceptional food and nurture your body.

24. Get on top of the stuff that is weighing on you. Make a list of what that is. Take BABYSTEPS every day to clear it.

25. Keep renewing your commitment to feeling good. Play with it. This should be FUN.

26. Hire a coach. Message me if you want to discover how I work with clients.

27. Make your own list of ways to feel good. Become more aware of what makes YOU feel good. Expand this list to 50.

Comment below with more ways. Join in the conversation.. or share it.