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Ready to create an amazing, lighter life you love?

Hi, I’m Niamh (Niamh is an Irish name that’s pronounced “Neeve”.). I help stressed out executives and entrepreneurs to manage stress intelligently and feel lighter, freer and happier in their lives.

If you’re tired of feeling sick and tired and fed up of trying to figure this out on your own – you’re in the right place.

I coach those who are done with traditional stress-reduction methods, those who don’t want to talk for hours about their problems and who are instead willing to trust that the solution to their stress lies inside of them.

Feeling less stressed starts with identifying the thought patterns that are triggering you (we all have them!) and shifting perspective on them.

It’s easy for me to spot – thanks to a passion for figuring out how to overcome stress since my teens and 13 years of full-time coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy experience.

Once we identify what triggers you, I help you to peel back the layers of anger, frustration, overwhelm, anxiousness or whatever emotion shows up.

I help you to release the charge from the situation and shift to a lighter, freer and more empowered state.

And yes, you can get there without the external situation changing at all!

There is another way of doing things…

You simply need the right tools – and the right guide.


I know what it’s like to feel stressed, powerless and at a loss on how to change your situation. 

I tried the therapy route and felt little relief from the various therapists I tried. I felt resigned to a life with a stress cloud following me around. 

But then I came across an incredible questioning process which changed my life. I learned that my stress was coming from my closed-minded perspective on my challenges. It was my reaction to the stressful situations that was the issue, not the situations themselves. This revelation was mind-blowing to me and I excitedly started to question all the stressful situations in my life, past and present. A lightness ensued and a strong desire to share my discovery with others. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can be feeling much lighter and less stressed than you are feeling right now.

I’m ten times happier and healthier than before! When I stopped giving so much energy to negative thinking spirals and I learned to respond to other people and situations in a better way, I got a lot of energy back. Also my digestion improved and my confidence increased.

I absolutely don’t miss being a victim of my stressful thoughts.

Deciding to learn how to overcome stress is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

We only get one life – don’t spend it feeling tired and stressed out when you don’t have to.

I know that if I succeeded in bringing a lot more lightness to my life, so can you.


Here’s what you should do next…

  • If you’d like my help to create a lighter, happier life, then get in touch. I offer weekly coaching sessions over zoom which  includes the option of voice-memo support as an add-on if you want me “in your pocket” every weekday.
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