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Hi – I’m Niamh.

Niamh is an Irish name that’s pronounced “Neeve”. Unusual I know, like many Irish names, but it rhymes with “Eve” as in Christmas Eve, so now you will remember it :).

I moved from my home country of Ireland to Geneva, Switzerland nearly 30 years ago to work for the United Nations. Following a successful 13-year career there, mainly in the areas of training and development, plus some years as an executive in several blue-chip companies including Compaq, The Coca-Cola Company, Accenture, and Dell Computers and residencies in the U.S., Thailand, and Kenya, I witnessed first-hand the challenges of high-pressure environments which were ill-equipped to support the well-being of their staff. Feeling so transformed by the coaching I received to manage my own stress is what eventually led me to launch a career as a coach and stress management facilitator.

It started back in 2009 when I trained in a cognitive-based therapy (CBT) facilitator. I ran many stress management programs in that capacity and coached hundreds of clients to help them to overcome their stress and improve their mental and physical health.

I then pursued further coach trainings related to mindset work and completed executive coaching and career coaching certifications with the ICF-affiliated Center for Executive Coaching in Florida.  I also certified as a GENOS Assessor of Emotional Intelligence competencies for leaders, teams and new hires. Witnessing the incredible benefits of increased emotional intelligence skills in my clients and reading the many research studies sharing the significant benefits of emotional intelligence training, convinced me of the need for a program which included live coaching support too. In that way, participants get a really in-depth experience of the power of emotional intelligence. That’s why I created The E.I. Solution.

I also run and debrief EI assessments from Genos International. These assessments pinpoint the specific opportunities for growth allowing for a more tailored solution.

Apart from all my professional trainings, I hold a Masters degree in Education and a PhD in hiking in the local Jura mountains with my dog Sacha :). I’m passionate about nature and have a strong interest in environmental issues and initiatives to solve the global warming crisis.  I practice yoga daily and am convinced by the power of habits change for growth. Success, after all, is a habit.

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