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Authentic Positivity Means Embracing Your Grump Too!

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So I had an interesting thing happen to me today.
Last week, after a few conversations and feeling emotionally pulled to help people that are struggling with negative thinking, I decided to create a free masterclass on positivity habits.
So I finally got it ready for announcing today. However.. I hadn’t yet got some urgent recording work done when the school called at lunchtime as one of my children was unexpectedly ill with something potentially worrying. The initial test results reveal that it’s definitely nothing serious (phew!) but it threw my day. I had to postpone a client which I really don’t like doing and then I just felt FLAT for my next calls.
I spoke with someone I had been in touch with online for years but had never spoken live to. I actually observed my flatness in fascination. It reminded me of when I first spoke to someone online who reeeeeally inspired me and I was so confused when I first spoke with her live. She was quiet and uninspiring. It was quite a disappointment to me. I’m usually not like that. I’m usually EXCITED on my calls, sometimes possibly overly so, lol
But when I got off that call and thought “okay now it’s time to reveal my POSITIVITY Masterclass”, my first thought was “you can’t Niamh, you’re just not feeling it today, that would be fake.”
But then I caught myself. I know I’m not fake and announcing The Positivity Masterclass on a grump day would not be fake either. I know that what I will teach in that masterclass is really powerful and will really help those who seriously take it on board.
The reality is that, flat and low and challenging days ARE PART OF LIFE. That’s how I’m feeling today and I want to keep it real. It doesn’t mean at all that I’ve suddenly become a ‘negative Nellie’. Nope, I’m still a positive Polly who had a few things thrown at her today and a touch of PMS.
Regardless, I have now decided that there is no better day to announce a Positivity Masterclass than on a day where I’m feeling like a complete GRUMP! I think we all have enough of this fake positivity, of the ‘whoo haaa, Alibaba, your life will never be the same, if you just give me $10,000” kind of positivity. I won’t be sharing that. I’ll be sharing really powerful approaches that have worked for me and for my clients.
I’m not saying that I won’t be inviting you, at the end of the masterclass to invest in a month long Positivity Program that I’m offering, but there won’t be any pressure or obligation. You’ll still get a lot just from the class itself. I’m really planning to give it my ALL.. and I’ve realized that ‘my all’ is quite a lot.
My ‘grump’ passes when I do things that feel good for me (like writing this blog). And without the grump, we would never get to realize how good the good stuff actually feels. So embrace the grump I say. Don’t hide it. Don’t feel ashamed of it (even if you are deciding to run a positivity masterclass, lol). Just keep it intelligently real. Emotional intelligence is what will get you through life gracefully. Sign up for my masterclass if that’s something that you’d like to hear more about.
Authentically grumpily yours – I’m kidding… writing this blog has shifted my grump, so I can authentically say ‘positively yours’
Niamh xx
P.S. Positive thinking helps with stress reduction, mood improvement, strengthening of relationships, increased joy, gratitude and wellbeing. I think those are good reasons to sharpen your positivity skills right? Join us by clicking the link below.
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