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Empathy is one of the most important aspects of Emotional Intelligence. It means being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine how they must be feeling. It means trying to understand it as best as possible. It…

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Certified And ‘Impostrofied’

I felt really excited recently when I saw all the notifications of those who were signing up for my masterclass on Emotional Intelligence. It always humbles me that there are people who want to hear what I share. Despite my…

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How To Find Your Fire: 11 Personal Lessons

“When is a time in your life where you felt really connected with that FIRE you talk about Niamh?” a trusted friend recently asked me. I was scanning my brain for a firey memory and nothing was really standing out…

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An Inconvenient But Exciting Truth

We humans are actually very dumb… in many ways. I don’t mean to offend.. though I know many will agree with me.. and even the ones who don’t think they are dumb and think they have it all worked out……

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Find Your Fire

You know why you feel tired, frustrated and “just not on top of things”? Because, the bonfire has been prepared, the marshmallows are ready, but nobody lit the match to ignite the FIRE inside of you! That’s exactly what I…

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If Only!

“If only I could snap out of the damn paralysis, release the net, the conditioning, the programming that said ‘CONFORM’ so that I could instead throw caution to the wind and lead a truly INSPIRED life.” “If only I could…

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