Parenting experts advice about the importance of FAMILIARITY for children.

It makes sense to me. Fostering a safe, reliable, secure environment for kids where they always know what is coming next would seem like the sensible thing to do.

But is it though?

Because anyone who has done any amount of personal development work knows that ADAPTABILITY TO CHANGE is a necessity.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” says our friend Einstein.

If you want to experience a new reality, it starts with you.. on the inside. Your daily attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors are what are constantly moulding you. The life that you have now stems from there.

Adapting new attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors involves CHANGE. The more radical the change you want, the more radical internal adjusting is needed. That means letting go of the familiar.

Familiarity runs deep. Whatever was experienced in childhood and most notably before the age of 7, that is before the cognitive functioning was developed enough to reject what the child learned, is what rules the average adult. The subconscious mind is constantly drawing it’s “owner” back to what feels familiar, even if it’s destructive. That’s why people are drawn to abusive relationships, dysfunctional behaviors and tolerating completely unacceptable treatment. It feels familiar.

Even if it feels uncomfortable, there is still a perceived safety in the familiarity. That is good news though because when you realize that you are going to be uncomfortable regardless, you might as well choose the discomfort that leads to a positive outcome, right?

One has to be really aware to catch this familiarity magnet that’s always there to sabotage any grand plans, any exciting vision, any positive CHANGE.

Familiarity is ruled by the ego. “Hang on to the current identity at all costs” is the ego’s number 1 goal.

Being able to see through this protective layer and deciding to push through all the fear and resistance of letting go of familiarity is what is necessary if you want to really go for it with your dreams and goals.

Helping children to feel comfortable with change, giving them coping mechanisms and encouragement to stretch outside their familiarity zone will massively benefit them later… and the younger they know this, the better in my opinion. Because I see how debilitating that fear of the unfamiliar is in adults. I feel it too for myself.

But it’s awesome knowing that it can be totally transformed one step at a time, one day at a time, one thought at a time, one behavior at a time…. then you look back and go:

“Wow! I DID IT!!”

… and you keep doing it and keep doing it as you keep choosing and committing over and over again to YOUR BEST LIFE.
If you are ready to TOTALLY transform your reality, to let go of what is familiar and truly claim your BEST LIFE, then join me for TOTALLY ALL IN ON YOUR BEST LIFE.