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Find Your Fire

You know why you feel tired, frustrated and “just not on top of things”?

Because, the bonfire has been prepared, the marshmallows are ready, but nobody lit the match to ignite the FIRE inside of you!

That’s exactly what I was thinking about someone who reached out to me recently – okay, it was just a few hours ago and it “sparked” an idea in me.

She was explaining what she thought she needed to do to get ahead, and in my head, I was thinking “she just needs to light a fire under her ass so she can get clarity and passion about who she truly is, what she truly stands for and to unleash all of that onto the world!”

So since I am currently feeling FIRED UP and I also know what it feels like to not have that fire lit (not good, I feel you!) I wanted to remind you the leader (even if it’s just your own life you are leading currently), that you’ve got to let go of all of those unhelpful beliefs that are holding you back. Beliefs like:

– “Conforming is necessary so I can stay safe”…and I can then try to pretend that the half-life I am living feels like it is enough for me

– “I must be careful not to offend anyone” …and thereby prevent the people whose hearts I truly want to reach and help, from knowing that I exist, duh!

– “Living the life I truly want to live is not possible for me” … and this limiting belief keeps me safe from trying and keeps me drowning in frustration, stuck-ness and in some cases, misery instead of taking action and adapting belief

– “I should just feel grateful for who I am and stop wanting to become more” … and this denial of stepping into the fullest, truest expression of myself is destroying my soul and preventing me from making the impact I truly want to make in this world.

There are many other “ideas” that I am familiar with, both from my own life and the lives of the clients I have worked with. These ideas are like a damp cloth to your fire and that cloth simply needs to go!

Want my help with getting rid of them and with finding your fire? Book in for a complimentary chat to learn how I can help you.

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