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How Much Is It Worth To You In Monetary Terms?

I was chatting with a friend who is seeing the same acupuncturist as me. Let’s call the acupuncturist Joe. Joe has a thriving practice, he is great at what he does and is fully booked out.

I pay CHF 120 per session and I discovered that my friend pays just CHF 80. The difference is that it’s 80% reimbursed by my medical insurance for me and his medical insurance doesn’t reimburse it, so Joe gives a 33% discount to those who don’t get it reimbursed.
I told my friend that I think Joe is crazy to just charge him CHF 80 and not CHF 120. My friend, who can easily afford the CHF 120, and chose not to get additional insurance that covers complementary therapies, disagreed with me. He thought it’s a lot of money to spend on acupuncture and “it all adds up”.

This type of thinking drives me insane. My friend has a health issue that impacts his quality of life. It’s getting resolved through acupuncture. On a bad day, if I had asked him “how much would you be prepared to pay if you were to have this problem significantly improved?” I’m sure that he would quote a much higher amount than what he will actually end up paying.

The same thing applies in coaching. Some people find it really expensive, but either they are not thinking clearly about how much it’s actually worth to them or they don’t have enough pain to change. Your life doesn’t have to be painful to change by the way. But if you let yourself think about what you know you COULD be achieving if you stepped up, then you will feel the pain of the gap between where you are now and where you know you want to be.

Consider this for a moment, just to reflect on how you value things: think about the best possible version of your life that you could create, a life where you feel confident, lit up, happy, proud of yourself, fulfilled in your work, financially free, fit and healthy, free from worrying about the opinions of others and able to do what you want, when you want… how much would having that life be worth to you? Hypothetically speaking, if I could guarantee you that life, how much would you pay for it?

The truth is that it’s worth a lot to you right? The only reason why you would be afraid to invest that ‘A LOT’ is that you are not sure you could create it for yourself.

That’s why investing an amount of money that scares you is helpful. If you feel ill about the investment amount, then you will do what it takes to make that investment worthwhile. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here and it’s why I became so disciplined… except when it comes to chocolate, I probably need to make a $100K investment to quit chocolate, lol.

People so easily judge the cost of investing in themselves, but instead, think of what you could achieve and then think about the cost of not investing in yourself. What’s it costing you to continuously believe that investing in your growth is too expensive? Invest in yourself to the point where you feel ill and you’ll be as strong as that mother who lifted a car to save her son. You won’t let yourself lose.

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