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How To Become The Person You Always Wanted To Be

1. Start with the end in mind – literally. Define who that person is.

2. Imagine how that person behaves and what they believe. What do they value and what values do they live?

3. Become radically committed to living like that person already. This is how you collapse time.

4. Connect intuitively with that person at all times. Take guidance from that you (it is you, just with all the bullshit removed).

5. Reason, logic and rational thinking must take a backseat. They serve their purpose in some aspects of life but your intuition must overrule when it comes to you following your true path. From now on you trust your inner knowing and spiritual law. Anything that comes in your path (because it will) which tries to take you away from that… stop your interactions with that person or event and stand firm in your knowing. We only believe we need logic to feel safe.. and it doesn’t work when it comes to committing wholeheartedly to our destiny. It’s not going to make sense.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”
– Albert Einstein

Back yourself. Stay strong. Hold the tension because you will be tested. Don’t back down.. and just like a pipe that bursts because the water pressure becomes too much, you will burst into that next version of you – but only if you trust you’re knowing and back yourself.

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