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How To Intention Set Before An Activity And Why It’s Important

At the start of an activity that I do, when I remember, I ask myself “what is the outcome I want from this?”
If it’s something I write, I ask myself “what would I most like this writing to ignite in people? How would I like it to move them?”
I just asked myself that question and the thought came to me to first share my process with you because it’s a super helpful thing to do. It’s a question I will always ask a client too.
“What is the outcome that you want from that meeting / that relationship / that event / that coaching program?”
Or if a client is feeling shitty about some situation, I ask “what would you like to be feeling about that instead?”
Simply exploring that already attracts that new feeling into your life. It’s like being on a highway and saying “each time you see a yellow car, you will get a Swiss franc.” You’d be a lot more aware of the yellow cars then, right? The same applies to where you put your attention. Choose to direct it towards all evidence, no matter how small, of what you want to attract into your life.
Asking yourself what you most want to get from an experience will help you to use your time more purposefully. You are reading this blog now. You can’t know what specific outcome you will get from it yet, but I imagine that if you reflected on it, you hope to get an inspiring nugget from it or some food for thought. Well let me try and provide that then as best I can – though if you applied what I just shared already, you’ve gotten a great nugget already :-).
That all being said, what I most want you to get from this blog is an understand of what my Dare To Leap year-long group coaching program is. No, I want you to get more than an understanding, I want you to agree with me that it would be a great idea for you to be in there with us if you fit any of the following criteria:
– You KNOW that you have potential inside of you that you are not quite managing to expose in the world and you need help with finding the confidence to ignite that
– You feel like you should be further ahead on your entrepreneurial journey and it can feel lonely and frustrating at times
– You have been in a group program with me before, it shifted you and you are ready for more upgrades (I’ve probably had quite a few since we last worked together so I am confident that I can bring you further!)
– You love the idea of being part of an incredible group where participants share vulnerably, sometimes holding nothing back, so that you can realize how much like them you are too and that helping them move forward helps you too – together we are stronger!
– You love the idea of having me ask you the question each week “what would best support you right now?” when it’s your turn for your 7 – 10 minutes of 1:1 laser-coaching from me on the weekly zoom coaching call
– You recognize that having that weekly space is a fantastic place for you to reflect on where you are at now and on your next steps forward
– You love the idea of having accountability and being asked to report back in our private FB group on what you committed to on the weekly group coaching call
– You appreciate my livestreams and videos and know you would benefit from the daily trainings I share inside the group. May is all about meditation, manifestation and money and we will be using the book called “You Are A Badass At Making Money”
So why not decide to step up, become more badass and choose to go all in on earning your investment back by the end of May?
Anything is possible if you show up and commit to it with an open and willing mind. That’s in your hands, not mine.. but it’s what I will be reminding you of each week if you join The Dare To Leap Program.
I hope to see you on the inside!
Much love,
P.S. My intention for this writing was for you to decide that you want to be with us inside The Dare To Leap Program. If this message is speaking to you, then it’s time to join us.

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