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Give it all up
Leave it behind
Make no plans or promises
See what you find
Strip back the layers
Choose a simple life
Free from the burdens
Of worry and strife
Quit playing the role
of the person who cares
About profits and board meetings
The stock market and shares
Because you don’t
Give a toss
You know you are done
So close your laptop
Belt your satchel
And go have some fun
You are done with pretending
That everything’s fine
When your soul is aching
And your health’s on the line
What’s it all for?
Who’s going to gain
If you stay in your cubicle
And ignore the pain
Life’s too short
And the forest awaits
The only thing stopping you
Is the look on their face
Are you mad?
Have you lost it?
Are the comments you’ll get
It’s up to you
About whether you’ll fret
Your life up to now
Has been loyal to the norm
But look where it’s got you
What a price to conform
I get it
I know
That leaving’s a risk
There’s ridicule
And failure
Maybe you are on the brisk
Of discovering a life
Of lightness and cheer
Where you find your true passion
And overcome your fear
By embracing a truth
That few people know
Your peace lies inside of you
That’s where to go
Behind the lie
That society shares
Lies a peace and a stillness
For those who dare
To let go of everything
That’s no longer true
And embrace the not knowing
What next to do
Come join me
I’m one
Who dared to let go
I get it
It’s scary
More than you know
But one day you’ll look back
And thank me for sure
That you read my short poem
And quit the manure
You discovered a strength
That carried you through
You found your real passions
And found yourself too
So don’t be afraid
To let it all go
Your life is too precious
It’s time to come home
To yourself in your pureness
With naught to achieve
I dare you, my friend
To get up and leave

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