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If Only!

“If only I could snap out of the damn paralysis, release the net, the conditioning, the programming that said ‘CONFORM’ so that I could instead throw caution to the wind and lead a truly INSPIRED life.”

“If only I could release the parts of me that restrict me, that hold me back, that keep me stuck in a people-pleasing half-life.. because of course I do a great job of pleasing all the people when I show up CONFORMING to their expectations from my self-imposed prison because I don’t yet have the courage to free myself.”

If any part of this is you, then here’s the good news.

You CAN snap out of it.

You CAN throw caution to the wind.

You CAN release those parts of you that restrict you.

You CAN release those parts of you that hold you back.

You CAN stop showing up as a people-pleasing conformist.

You CAN set yourself FREE and you can do it RIGHT NOW!

It’s a decision.

It’s a line in the sand.

You draw it.

You step over it.

And you never look back! 

You’ve had a line in the sand moment right?

It’s that moment where you said ENOUGH!

Where you said ‘I can’t do life like this anymore,

Somethings got to change!’

During this crazy time on our planet, there are lots of people drawing lots of lines in their personal sands for how they will do life post-confinement.

These lines are game changers! They have been the catalyst for incredible positive changes in history, big and small.

So here’s a little nudge for you to take some time out to have YOUR line in the sand moment now.

NOW is the time to get pissed off! Anger is a great motivator for change. It’s time to decide you.are.done. with not being where you know you could be, for not doing what you know you could do, for not having what you know you could have.. if you drew that line in the sand, that said “ENOUGH! I deserve better than this!”

Then once you draw that line, you get up and take the action you need to take, make the calls you need to make, shake the people you need to shake… and never look back!

Do not waste one single ounce more of time doing anything that doesn’t support the life you want to create for yourself

Stop worrying about what other people might think about you doing you FULLY, creating a life on your terms, because that worrying serves no useful purpose except to hold you back.

Think about what you could achieve in your life if you spoke your mind, lived your truth, from your heart and did some great work that you were proud of.

Isn’t it time that you stepped into that version of you? The one who can actually make a difference? The one who got out of her/his own way and actually made that difference?

What would you be saying louder?

Who would you be helping?

How would that be impacting them?

How would you be feeling?

What is that change worth to you? If you decide to live a bigger life, a more courageous life? If you knew you could have that life, how much would that be worth to you?

Think about it.. and message me if you want my help stepping into that version of you, to create a meaningful life.

God knows the world needs more people like that on our planet right now!

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