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That subtle edgy fear bubbling beneath the surface

On a mission to control

You know it right?

It’s busy looking for just a bit more momentum from you

So it can bubble right up

Seep into your day

Mess with your mood

Does it serve any useful purpose?

Does it make you any better, faster, more efficient?

Maybe, sometimes.

Or maybe it just poisons your peace.

Jinxes your joy.

Fucks with your flow.

Maybe getting still and listening to it is the answer.

Like you would a frightened little child

Or maybe you tell the child in you

That it doesn’t need to fear those bubbles

That you’ve got this.

She’s safe.

She can continue to play, shine, thrive…

Those bubbles are actually pretty harmless.

Or maybe you could write about it

Observe it all with lightness and wonder

Smile at how seriously you’ve been taking it for a minute.

And then get back to play

Your natural state.

Calm like the ocean

Free like the bird

Flowing like the river



That feels more like truth.

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