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Learning To Move Through Life Is Like Learning To Ride A Wild Horse

The better you live in your highest values, the better you will navigate your life.

But living in alignment with those values can feel damn hard.

I fail often…

I value high energy and great health but I don’t always make optimal food choices.

I value honesty and integrity and I don’t always speak my truth.

I value unconditional love and acceptance of the people in my life and I don’t always accept how they show up.

I value courage more than fear and I don’t aways live courageously.

I value smooth and grounded responses to calamity and I don’t always react in that way.

It’s like I’m performing on a wild horse and it keeps kicking me off.

But I keep getting back on it.


I don’t try to tame the horse.

I focus on becoming the better rider instead.

I figure out why I fell off so I don’t next time.

Then I notice that I’m making progress. I’m enjoying the ride more.

The horse is clever and continues to find new ways to try to make me lose my balance.

But I know that horse.

I know how it works.

Not only will I never give up, but I’ll keep riding that horse better and better.

I know how performance works.

I know how the mind works.

The things that help me are structure in my day, keeping as fit and healthy as possible and habitually working through challenges in an emotionally intelligent way. It’s a culmination of high-performance habits, not any one thing.

I have created a hub of incredible information – 360 days worth – sharing the mind and behavioral habits that have helped me get to where I am.

This will help you too to dramatically improve how you perform in your life.

And it wont just become ‘another unused program that you didn’t apply’ because I’ll be showing up weekly via livestream to reinforce the lessons and to remind you to commit to yourself and to your highest values consistently.
Click the link in the comments below to read all about it and then click the link to sign up.

If you seriously want to transform your life in 2022, then back yourself seriously. Life will respond to that commitment and you will thank yourself for it.

[Picture from ArtTower on Pixabay]

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