Live a little..
Die a little..
Hurt a little..
CRY a little..

But whatever you do… make sure you…


But also..

Don’t be careful.
Don’t be sensible.
Live for yourself not others.

Don’t overthink it.
Just do it.

Don’t over analyse it.
Just create it.

Don’t stay stuck in the past.
The future awaits you.

Yes. Take care of you.
Yes. Deal with what you need to deal with.
Yes. Be sensitive to others feelings.
Yes. Trust that they can deal with the YOU showing up or not (their business).

But you came into this life to LIVE.
(But not just to live.)
You came into this life to THRIVE.
(And definitely NOT to survive).

So make sure you get what you came here for.

Make sure that you REMEMBER your FUN and LIVING REAL agenda.

Stop living in that prison!
Pick up your “Get Out Of Jail Free” card now.

This IS a game of monopoly.
Contrary to popular belief.

All the world IS a stage.
And all the men and women ARE merely players.

So don’t take yourself so seriously.

Nothing is permanent.
Dust is where we came from.
And onto dust we shalt return.
(Every single one of us!)

So say what you want to say.
Do what you want to do.

It’s honestly not as serious as you think..
Unless you make it so..

But know this too:
You have a right to change NOW.
You have a right to a new role NOW.
You have a right to your RIGHT role NOW.

So go CLAIM it.
Claim your right role now..
Because nobody else can do it for you.

And because…time might be running out.. (yep)

And because I have the feeling that the role you currently embody .. might be.. WAY off!

Go do yourself a favor and GET REAL.
CLAIM your realness now.
CLAIM your fun now.

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