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Does the MONEY topic cause you to go into a state of irrational fear and panic?

Are you currently avoiding facing the reality of your situation and instead you are desperately hoping that the magic genie is going to appear out of a lamp soon so that you can make your one wish?

Do you feel like you are living two lives – the above one that you completely hide from the outside and the happy-go-lucky one that you present to the world?

I have good news for you. You can stop living two lives now and instead courageously merge the two lives into one healthy, empowering, optimistic and confident life where everything is in order.

If your financial situation is a far cry from what you hoped it would be at this stage in your life,  you no longer need to cry about it.

No matter how dire it feels, ignoring it or feeling too paralyzed to think about it is not the solution.

I get it – you don’t want to feel the feelings that facing it will bring up.

But I promise you that, even though that tunnel might feel painful to face and go through, there is light at the end of it and you will feel so much better when you get there.

I can help you with the emotional and behavioral side, with making sure that you adapt a brave new mindset which includes a strong resolve to have a healthy relationship with money. I give you my word that I will not judge you. You may be surprised to learn that there are many more people than you probably realize that feel like this too. The stress can run deep and may be influenced by past trauma.  I have learned about how to deal with this through my coach training with The Coach Money Institute and additionally from my training as a Sacred Money Archetypes Coach.

See details of my current program offerings below.

Also, if you are based in Switzerland, I work with an incredible accountant and financial advisor that can help you to get back on track or seek the help you need. You will receive all the details about this when you sign up for one of my programs below.

If you are in serious financial difficulty and cannot afford one of my programs, please reach out and I will offer you free and confidential advice.

The Money Mastery Program

30-Day Money Mastery Program will help you to reprogram your thoughts, identify and let go of your limiting money beliefs around money and claim a brand new empowering and healthy relationship with money.

The 30-days are jam-packed with mindset advice and action challenges which are designed to help you to upgrade your money consciousness and leave fear and lack behind.

Money Journey

The Money Journey

Was money a stressful topic in your family environment when you were growing up? Do you wonder if it’s contributed to your current stress around money? Want to rewrite your money story for the future, instead of living out your money story from the past? Maybe you’ve got children and you want to avoid them picking up the same stressful money beliefs and patterns? Would you love to learn what a healthy belief system and behavior around money look and feel like? Then join me for 30-days to go through The Money Journey. Together we will journey into your past to discover and process the stressful beliefs and behaviors you picked up which are still influencing your money reality today. A healthy and empowering relationship with money IS possible. Journey with me here to kick-start it today.

The Money Makeover VIP Day

Are you ready to overcome your subconscious money blocks and to take your self-worth and your income to a whole NEW level?

If you are ready to demystify the whole money thing, then I would love to help you to break free of your self-sabotaging behavior and unlock your potential to earn more money, create more harmony in your life and fully own your worth in the world… in a full-day intensive with me. This is for you if you want to change your money behavior and reality fast!

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