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My Personal Ironman

I thought I wanted to complete an ironman. An incredible American nun had completed several by the time she was 82. I thought that if an 80-year old nun can do that, I have ZERO excuses. It’s true that I probably could achieve it if I trained adequately and took care of my body to guard against any serious damage. That would require a massive time, energy and money (for good trainers, massage etc.) investment though.

I was thinking about that yesterday. The reason that I feel attracted to completing such a feat is that it would be an incredible personal achievement. I would feel motivated and excited to do it. Even though there would no doubt be some really challenging and lonely moments during the training, it would be okay, because my vision of crossing the finish line would excite me so much. What an achievement it would be!

How about you? If you let yourself dream, what big exciting thing would you do?

For now (and possibly forever), I am putting my ironman dream on hold because it’s not my highest priority. I have spoken with people who have completed them and the training requires a lot of time and energy and massive self-discipline, including training like 4am wake-ups for 2-hour bike rides and a run or swim before work.

But I got to thinking this morning that I would like to treat my thinking like ironman training.

Keeping our minds focused on gratitude and abundance, remaining strong, resilient and upbeat no matter what happens and refusing to give into life’s distractions and temptations (including the massive temptation to give attention to what’s not working instead of what’s working) reaps massive gains. The science confirms that a positive mind yields a positive life. Dr Raymond Holliwell in his book called ‘Working With The Law’ says this:

“You can never be free of your bonds except through the key, through the right use of your thought. The key to successful living is the right adjustment of your thoughts. If your thoughts are constructive and proper, you cannot remain imprisoned. If you are dissatisfied and unhappy, you will be inspired for something better.”

What if you went on a quest, like an ironman quest, to get your thinking sorted?

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the famous book called The 4 Agreements says “Your life is the manifestation of your dream; it is an art, and you can change your life anytime that you’re not enjoying the dream.”

Changing your life starts with changing your thoughts, then the outside world will catch up.

Don’t kid yourself with the story that you need lockdown to end or the planets to merge in order for you to feel joy, gratitude, love and abundance. Train yourself now… make it be your ironman. It’s not an easy task at all as our neural pathways are programmed to have us think a certain way. Our body is addicted to the feelings we get from those thoughts, even if those thoughts or body feelings are positive. It really requires a lot of focus and determination to shift your thinking in a consistently positive direction. You need an iron will to do it.. an ‘ironman will’ even.

Want my help with your personal ironman to get your thinking on the right track?

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