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Negative Thought Addiction

I can and I willIn the pre-contemplative stage of addiction recovery, Bocadetox defines the following four types of contemplators in the first of 6 stages of change for addiction recovery as follows:

  • Reluctant pre-contemplator: They lack awareness of their problem, as well as the motivation to change.
  • Rebellious pre-contemplator: They don’t want to let go of their addictive behavior because they don’t like being told what to do.
  • Resigned pre-contemplator: They’re so overwhelmed by the addictive behavior that they’ve given up hope for the possibility of change.
  • Rationalizing pre-contemplator: They think they have all the answers and have reasons why substance use isn’t an issue for them.

In my research and training as a mindset coach, I have learned that we are just as addicted to negative thinking as we are to substances. Our thinking produces chemical reactions in the body. Think about it – imagine something you are excited about in the future or an image that brings sexual arousal – the thought sends electrical impulses through neural pathways and you feel a sensation. This happens for EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT, not just the peak thoughts where you can easily observe it.

We can become just as addicted to the chemical reactions that those thoughts bring as we are to chemical substances – because they too create chemical substances.

This explains why people are so attached to sabotaging behavior that people from the outside observer as insane. It’s addiction, just not such an obvious one.

This too explains why it’s so hard for us humans to change. This explains why we can’t get out of negative thought loops.

So let’s look at the contemplative stage again, if you think about someone who may be holding on to negative thinking, to their story of struggle and arguing for their limitations, even when the possibility of breaking away from those negative thought patterns and limitations exist.. and you contemplate what I say from the perspective of them being a potential negative thought addict:

  • Reluctant contemplator: You lack awareness of your negative thought addiction, as well as the motivation to change.
  • Rebellious contemplator: You don’t want to let go of your negative thought addiction because you don’t like being told what to do.
  • Resigned contemplator: You’re so overwhelmed by the negative thought addiction that you’ve given up hope for the possibility of change.
  • Rationalizing contemplator: You think you have all the answers and have reasons why negative thought addiction isn’t an issue for you.

Do you know someone this may apply to? Do you perhaps consider that you yourself may be addicted to a pattern of thinking? I definitely catch some unhelpful patterns of thinking swirling around my head sometimes 😊. To become more self-aware, stop observing your thinking and try counting the number of negative, unproductive thoughts in a 24-hour period. It’s a fascinating exercise!).

Want to transform that negative cycle and potentially transform your life?

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Much love,

P.S. The 6th stage of addiction recovery, as defined by Bocadetox, is termination. This is when a person with substance use disorder no longer feels threatened by their substance of choice. At this stage, they feel confident and comfortable living life without substances and fear relapse less and less every day. Imagine re-programming your neural pathways to a point where you are no longer threatened by negative thinking, that you trust that it’s all happening for you? What a pleasant place that would be, don’t you think?

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