Strip me bare life.
Peel back the layers.
Guide me to your core.
Show me you care.
No more B.S.
No more dancing around it.
Straight to the core.
Feet on the ground.Raw and unplugged.
Tuned in to SOURCE.
The way life intended.
Will take it’s course.

Ready to flow.
In the way it was meant.
Shedding the “shoulds”.
No more nights of torment.

No more holding back.
No more ball and chain.
Ready to let go.
To embrace the pain.

Use me life.
The way you intended.
I’m ready now.
No longer offended.

Receiving each inch
Of the life that you gift me
The tears of thanks
So often hit me

Caressing me.
Carving me.
Into a perfect mould.
I let go of control.
Nothing to hold.

Guide me.
Lead me.
Show me the way.
I’m listening and learning life.
Each and every day.