Some of them feel awesome.

Pure and utter JOY!

Some are just mediocre, regular ones.

But there are a few that are dark, painful and difficult to be with.

Our natural tendency is to avoid them.

To jump off and seek out another wave.

So we distract ourselves.

We find a way to numb that wave trip.

We medicate through substances, co-dependant relationships and any distraction we can find.

But when we can remember that the wave is never permanent.

That nothing is.

And we remember that there are many more beautiful waves that are coming.

And when we remember to trust that particular wave.

And open up to it.

And allow ourselves to be taken by it.

No need to fear it.

No need to shy away from it.

It’s all just energy passing through.

Life wanting to live itself through us.

ALL aspects of life.

Then we can just settle in and trust the trip.

Surf whatever wave life brings you today.

And if it’s a dark one..

Your mind might tell you that it’s too much to bare…

But don’t listen to your mind.

Your mind forgets that it will pass.

Your mind doesn’t know that the more you open up to it..

The more you soften into it..

The sweeter it will feel.

So feel into the sensation instead.

Trust that it was brought to you with love.

Maybe your soul even requested it.

Surrender to it.

Embrace it.

LOVE that wave.

It came to find you for a reason.

Feel into it and know that it too shall pass.

EVERYTHING is going to be okay.

***Need help being with that wave? Message me for details of a once off session where I will gladly hold that space for you.