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The reason that you are not living the life you want is that you are believing your own bullshit, period.
You have fallen for some seemingly valid excuse for why you can’t pull it off.
  • Why not? Did you sign some contract that said “that person’s life and feelings are more important than mine and I will sacrifice my needs to keep them happy?” Okay then. Continue to live in that dysfunction with toxic energy, feeling sorry for yourself and blaming that situation.. The model that to your children so that they learn and repeat that dysfunction.. or trust that they are powerful, sovereign warriors who want to live in truth like you. Now go do what you need to do, NOW!
  • You might not “have” the money but if your child’s life depended on it, I bet you have ACCESS to the money that would be the catalyst for making the change you want. Except you are too scared. You’d have to fully back yourself and risk all the scary consequences of that, even though you would become the badass that you want to be in the process and feel damn proud of yourself for making that change!
  • So what? Do you want to hold yourself back from the possibility of living life and becoming the human you said that you wanted to become because you are afraid to fail? How sad. Get over yourself and stop giving in to fear!
  • Who cares? People WILL judge you. Did you commit to living a careful life where no one would judge you? Well you better play it very damn safe then and split yourself into 1,000 exhausting people-pleasing pieces and go make them happy, because they are obviously more important than you….. NOT!!! ?.
  • Okay. Don’t do it then. Stay in your misery. Keep complaining about how horrible it feels and how everyone and everything outside of you is to blame because you didn’t have the guts to step up and make change happen! Hate on the ones who did and surround yourself with like-minded scared people who will back up your story that those risk takers are completely irresponsible, irrational fools. Now who is the real fool here?
  • Stop it! Did you receive some memorandum that said “I hereby submit all my power to those people. They shalt have full control over me and I have no way of standing up to them. I simply must accept my doomed fate.” No you didn’t. Now stop being available for it and make the changes you need to make. Plus tell yourself the truth. You’ve been too afraid of them up to know. You’ve had them believe that they control you. They don’t. YOU control yourself.
  • If you are falling for this lame, boring, outdated, and completely irrational excuse then it’s time for you to get your head checked! The people who are living the life that you aspire to live have the EXACT SAME NUMBER OF HOURS in their day. I repeat they have the exact same amount of hours in their day. Are you some special flower that magically got gifted fewer hours? No, you’re not. You just don’t have the guts to create the boundaries and make the changes to have more energy in your life. Because where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a goddamn way. Now drop those 4 words from your vocabulary and tell the truth from now on. “I’m choosing to put others’ needs ahead of mine because I am afraid they won’t love me if I don’t.” “I’m choosing to believe that I don’t have what it takes, so I fill up my time with doing things I hate but that keep me safe.”
I’m not saying this is easy. No. It’s actually damn hard. But you’ve got to back yourself if you want to create an aligned life living your truth… and you’ve got to stop believing your own bullshit! This is why I’m speaking my truth. Tell me your excuse at your own risk ?. I’m okay with people hating me for it. They don’t get it. BUT YOU DO!
You get it and you know that it’s what you need to hear. Because if you don’t, you are going to stay stuck your whole life without doing what you need to do.
Now go make it happen!
You are a powerful sovereign being.
So claim that power and stop wasting your life!
You’ve got this.
I love you.
The end.

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