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Being a teenager … gosh… not an easy passage to have to get through! It’s been more than 30 years since I’ve been there, but I still remember how incredibly insecure I felt. There’s a lot to deal with:

  • a body that you feel less than perfect in
  • feeling moody, overwhelmed and down from all the hormones swirling around your body
  • fitting in with friends and feeling accepted
  • parents judging you, teachers judging you, friends judging you
  • school work that feels impossible to be on top of
  • worry about your future and needing to know what you’ll do
  • the likes (or lack of likes) and comments on social media

With all that I have mentioned above, plus your own personal struggles that aren’t listed above, you’ve got to be incredibly strong to get through that phase of your life and to prepare yourself well for the next phase.

Unfortunately, teenagers don’t get any training on how to manage the most important thing that will help you get through it – your mind.

Your mind has the power to either pull you down or lift you up. Chances are that if you are reading this, it’s currently in the ‘pull you down’ direction and I know how hard it can feel when you have no tools to help you lift yourself out of that challenging space. But the good news is that you can turn that around by adapting a growth mindset and I can help you!

The vast majority of our stress can be reduced by seeing what’s going on from a different perspective, by valuing ourselves more, plus putting a few new habits in place that will help you.

From September, I will be running group support programs via Zoom for teens aged 15+, but right now, I’m offering 1:1 coaching for limited number of teenagers.

If you’d like coaching support to help you get through a challenging phase in your life, then get in touch via email and send me your phone number, letting me know when a good time to call is so we can have a quick chat to discuss further. Or if that feels too weird (I get that), have one of your parents contact me at

It can feel scary and weird to talk to an adult that you don’t know about your problems, but don’t worry. Coaching is my job. I do this every day and I’ve worked with a lot of teens. I used to have an educational consultancy company that helped children with dyslexia. I learned that children needed a lot more help with confidence issues rather than learning to spell, so that’s why I first worked in cognitive behavioral therapy (as a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie) and then I trained to become a coach. I work with people of all ages. The only prerequisite is that you want to feel better and you are willing to look at certain stories that are running in your mind, stories like “I’m not good enough” from a different perspective, one that will help you to feel much better!

I’m also a mum to a tween and 2 teens, so I see what it’s like for them and see first-hand how much you guys have to navigate. I hope we get to chat!

Love Niamh x

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