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There Is This Coach I Know…

There is this coach I know.
She has a diverse past and present portfolio of clients.
She’s been hired for online business growth.
She’s been hired for help with winning a nobel peace prize.
She’s been hired for help with losing 50lbs.
She’s been hired to help a client with stress so intense that they were vomiting blood from an ulcer!
She’s been hired for mindset help for a vision worth billions.
She’s been hired for help with leaving the house.
She’s been hired to help clients figure out what to do in their life.
She’s been hired to help clients leave something – a job, a marriage, a toxic situation.
It’s a pretty awesome coach who, like everyone, has been through her own fair share of life lessons.
She sees herself in every single one of her clients.
There’s a reason for that.
She strikes a certain tone that resonates with them.
She’s a real free-spirit and just wants to say and do as she pleases.
NOT in a spoiled child kind of way.
She doesn’t like cleaning but she is definitely not spoilt.
She works hard.
She cares deeply.
She sees the good in people.
She sees the incredible things that are possible for them beyond their fears and doubts.
She hates rules.
The logical “this is what you need to do to be better” stuff never works for her!
She couldn’t love Toastmasters because she loves ‘messy from the heart’ speeches with soul.
Don’t get me wrong. She knows that Toastmasters is an epic organization.. but … rules.. sigh!
She couldn’t niche down and confine her messaging to one group or one topic. She just wants to share what’s on her mind.
She sees the logic in the rules, but …. she finally realizes that that is not the way it was intended for her to share her work.
It was fear-based.
And she apologizes to anyone who listened to her when she said “niche down, only talk about that to them”.
It’s great advice.
It’s just not her.
It’s not how she operates.
Her name is Niamh and she be me! Nice to meet you! 🙂
Stay tuned for regular messy messaging from my soul!
I don’t care if you are a man or a woman, if you are 23 or 75, if you are running for president or running from a spider!
I’m here to help you to overcome yourself, so that you live your life fully, being you and on your terms!
Here’s how.

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