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Think about someone who you believe did you wrong

Think about someone who you believe did you wrong.

Now look at them in your mind without the thought that “they shouldn’t have done that / said that / thought that”.
See the whole person.

Accept them as they are.

Perfectly imperfect.

Just like you.

Now notice that the reason you want them to be different is that them being different makes your life better, somehow easier.

It’s very inconvenient that they are not doing that for you, isn’t it?

How dare they not have a different personality so that your life might be easier!

How shockingly inconsiderate of them.

Tell your friends and they will agree with you about how inconsiderate they are.

Oh how entitled we are!

We are all so blinded by our delusions.

And how much unnecessary pain we cause ourselves.

Believe that that other person has the key to your happiness and freedom and you will never be free.

Best not to outsource that need for them to have different personality traits next time.

Best to learn how to take care of that need yourself.

As long as you are dependent on that need from another, you’ll never be free.

Life will keep reminding you of that until you finally decide to wake up – or not
Stay asleep – suffer.

Wake up – be free.

Those are your two options.

A clear mind is a free one.

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