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Trust The Restlessness Inside Of You

From the outside, everything looks pretty good in your life.
If you were a coloring book, it might all be colored inside the lines pretty neatly…
Because that’s what you were taught to do.
You’ll get the gold star if you color inside the lines.
So you’ve pretty much got the gold star now..
It should feel GREAT…. except it doesn’t!
Instead you feel slightly bored, agitated and frustrated or maybe even dead inside by the mundaneness of it all.
What is wrong with you that you can’t just relax and enjoy and appreciate your life more?
Isn’t that UNGRATEFUL?
You see people struggling around you. They’ve got real challenges. You don’t.
So you just need to suck it up and be a good girl, right?
No, it’s not right.
In fact it’s completely WRONG
In fact, don’t dare to suck it up!
Instead TRUST THE RESTLESSNESS inside of you.
It’s telling you something.
It’s telling you that you are destroying your soul slowly by ignoring it’s yearning. That’s why you feel soul-destroyed.
Your soul didn’t intend for you to come here and sit pretty and be grateful with that.
You’ve got a whole different level of work to do!
Your path requires COURAGE. It’s price-tag is living with some judgment from others and living with less certainty, but its reward is an aligned, sometimes even electrifying, uplifting, purposeful life of freedom!
Imagine living a life on your terms, where you feel deeply comfortable in your own skin, excited by the challenge of pursuing demanding goals you set yourself, proud of your ability to navigate the sometimes insane chaos along the way and incredibly relieved that you finally choose the life you want.. the one that is truly a pleasure to live, where you choose to ride the less certain but more adventurous waves, to do things differently, to do what YOU want to do instead of following the crowd, to color outside the lines, to risk expulsion because you no longer want to live a lie, to follow your souls yearnings instead and lean into the magic of living in faith rather than fear. How does that life sound to you?
If it excites you, then I want you to know that it’s just a decision away to claim that kind of life. You can literally become that person right now.
The reason this speaks to you is because you want to feel more ALIVE! You lack a strong sense of direction or purpose. You want to feel free, liberated, maybe even a bit reckless.. at least that’s how other people would see you, if you suddenly stepped up and decided that you were going to go after a goal, fight for a cause you believe in, make a significant change in your life and in doing so, change other peoples’ lives for the better too.
That doesn’t come from playing it safe though. Following your soul’s guidance, listening to it’s deep yearnings to become someone better, someone you genuinely feel PROUD of, that come from courage. That comes from risk taking. That comes from a deep level of trust and ingenuity… which you will only find if you are prepared to let go of life as you know it and instead choose a life where you dare to be different, where you dare to play bigger, dare to become bolder, dare to play outside of the conventional rules of society, where you draw outside the lines.
Does this sound like the you that you want to become?
Then you’ve got to step forward and claim it.
I created my year-long group coaching program called Dare To Leap for people like you who want to step up and play a bigger, bolder game and get the support of like-minded people on a similar journey. Read all about it here and sign up directly if it is speaking to you. Or if you prefer to work privately with me, message me to chat about it. Let it be your first serious ‘line in the sand’ moment that says “I’m serious about transforming my life” because you and your life are worth that!

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