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Want To Train To Become An Incredible Executive Coach?

How would it feel to you to get an incredible amount of “free” coaching by skilled and experienced professionals with a lot of great experience and wisdom?

I realise this is probably not the best way to promote an Executive Coach certification program, but as I reflected just now on what I love most about Andrew Nietlich’s Center For Executive Coaching (CEC) program, that was one of the first things that came to mind. Apart from CEC being an excellent executive coach training program, the connections that I have made there have been awesome and the coaching practice that I am getting with the people on the inside is a bonus I had not anticipated when I signed up.

Many of the people inside the Center for Executive Coaching already have either a business background, as either a consultant or managers who want to learn how to coach their teams, or like in my personal case, are seasoned coaches who want to niche down into an aspect related to executive coaching.

I signed up to fill some gaps to develop as a leadership coach, but I wasn’t expecting to pick up such great general coaching skills too. Never accept that you have acquired any skill in-depth, even if you have been doing it a long time. There is always more to learn and more growth possible.

Signing up for CEC was one of the best personal development decisions I ever made. I hesitated initially because Andrew’s website was not as flashy as some other “academies” and “institutes”, but I’m so glad that I trusted my gut when I spoke with Andrew, the founder and Harvard Business School graduate. I could tell that he was a solid, experienced and trustworthy person who was running a quality program. I’m amazed at how well Andrew runs it and how available he is for advice and feedback.

I cannot recommend CEC highly enough and that’s why, for the first time in my life, I decided to become an affiliate of something. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew’s program to anyone. Even if you don’t have so much experience, you will still benefit enormously from the program. The amount of resources there are on the inside is also really impressive.

If you sign up through me, I can offer you a $100 discount plus a complimentary 30-minute call, once you are on the inside, to help you navigate the system. This is something that Andrew offers to each new member, but I’ll happily be a backup.

Message me or Andrew directly if you have any questions.

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