You came here to make waves.
To be the best you.
To shake things up.
To do the do.
Armed with a crew.

To be a player.
To make statements.
To lead.
To claim the day.
To make proverbial hay.

To have clarity.
To ease pain.
To let go.
To entertain.
To put on a show.
Ho! Ho! Ho!
(Yes, I know!  )

To be free.
To use your middle finger where necessary.
To fight the fights worth fighting.
To speak your truth when writing.
To challenge the views that need challenging.
To ignore the fools back-biting.

To create possibilities.
Not to blame.
No need to depend on them.
For your internal fame.

To kick ass with your body.
To feel hot, ALIVE and strong
To be true to yourself
Knowing that’s not wrong.

To give love.
To get love.
Being open to what you find.
To never look behind.
Mostly being kind.

To yourself above all.
And to others points of view.
They are entitled to them.
How you respond is up to you.

So what happened to this dream.
Of being the best you?
Didn’t get that memo?
That it was time to pursue.

Well here it is.
So go do what you need to do.
Go be what you need to be.
Never doubt your dream.
It WILL come true!

No more excuses.
No more trepidation.
Full force, all in.

Choose you.
Now is your time.
Go make it happen.
Before life sends you packin’!
I’ll be there clapping.
Even if you are crapping
You’ve got this.
It is done!

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