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Why I Nearly Quit Running Yesterday But Ran 15.2 KM Today!

A month ago, after ‘dipping my toes back into running, I got an email letting me know that the Geneva half-marathon was coming up and that that day was the last day to avail of the early-bird price.
Well, there is nothing like a time-sensitive offer to activate my FOMO (fear of missing out) and ignite my sense of urgency. I quickly calculated that I had 8 weeks to train for the race, found a ‘novice training plan’ online, and decided it all looked doable. So I signed myself up for a 21km race when I could just about do 4km comfortably.
I got myself the great dopamine hit with the confirmation email and excitedly started my training program. It involved running 5 times per week, which included a long run (that gets longer) every Saturday to build up my distance.
All was going really well. I seemed to be avoiding “complain-worthy” injury which was my biggest worry. I have done 2 half-marathons in the past but got injured both times.
Some days have been a pain to get out and train, but then I always felt better after. I was getting much faster and managing an under 6 minutes per kilometer pace last week for my short runs.
I was getting that runner’s high that I used to get and was thrilled to be feeling so good. Plus I was listening to great podcasts on my longer runs which I used to do before and I have been feeling inspired by them.
But then suddenly I got tired.. tired and disinterested. I can’t really explain why, but I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore.
This past Tuesday I just pushed myself to complete 5km but I was super slow. I know it can happen that we don’t feel like doing things we need to do, so I just pushed through it… but I didn’t enjoy it.
I decided to skip Wednesday as maybe my body needed to rest.
But yesterday, it just got worse. I wanted to stop after 3.5km and I forced myself to continue to the 4km mark before walking back.
I thought to myself “this isn’t fun anymore and I don’t have to do it, so maybe I won’t”. I told a friend last night that I had unexplainably lost all motivation to run and that I may quit.
But I woke up this morning feeling energized and fresh and drove to the forest for a 5km. It felt so good that I decided to keep going. I kept going for 15km! That is further than I have ran in years! It was an awesome run and although my body was tired after it, I felt GREAT!
Moral of this story – if you set a goal that you are excited about, but you feel resistant on the way to the goal… think twice before giving up. Sometimes we have just got to keep the emotion out of it and keep going as best we can. There is no real explanation for why today was different, but here’s what I know for sure: HABITS PAY OFF… in every area of life.
The need for instant gratification is a curse. Following a structured routine is the very best way to get where you want to go. There will be times when you might come close to giving up, but just keep showing up and you’ll be rewarded. Pushing through discomfort ALWAYS pays. Maybe not in the way you hoped, depending on the situation, but if you ‘keep on keeping on’, you’ll be rewarded, trust me.
So what is it that you would love to achieve? What seems out of reach or too hard? Create a “training plan” for it and stick to it. Just show up and keep sticking to your plan as best you can, even when you don’t feel like it and even when you have told yourself you might quit. You’ve got to be disciplined so don’t commit to something that will be hard to develop as a habit, but you can most likely achieve A LOT more than you realize through consistently doing the thing that will bring that result.
You can achieve LIFE-CHANGING results with a structured approach.
Discipline is not the enemy of freedom, discipline BRINGS freedom.
I’m still not sure if I will succeed in running the half-marathon on 8 May, but I will do the training that I committed to and leave the rest to fate. Today I can say that, despite some massively resistant moments, overall I’m loving the journey!
If you want to get clear on a future vision and map out a structured plan to achieve it, a VIP day is a brilliant focused way of doing that. Click the link in the comments for details and to sign up.
⚡️ To help activate your sense of urgency, I’ll PayPal you back $100 if you make a payment today – 8 April…. this offer expires today!

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