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Why do some people have easy straightforward lives and others don’t?
Because some people care enough about their personal space and they know to protect it.
They are okay with ruffling other people’s feathers in order to do that.
These people are pretty cool.
Their energy is good.
It’s clean.
There is no resentment, frustration, or martyrdom attached to their energy.
This is who I am….. usually, but not always…
I caught myself recently voicing frustration to a friend about someone invading my space. Someone with too much time on their hands who feels the need to talk and talk and a lot of their talking is about how busy they are.
I need to be in touch with that person, but I had previously requested, (because of the lengthy irrelevant dialogues which I have no desire to entertain) that our exchanges be done by text instead of voice.
In certain situations, I really value human voice connection, but not in this one.
When I was expressing frustration to my friend about the exchange, I realized that my frustration was with myself, not with that person.
I had implemented a boundary. It was respected for a while, but the old way of communicating was creeping in again.
I should have immediately reminded them of my preference for written communication instead of entertaining the verbal exchange.
I didn’t.
I took the call, it was painful and then I whined.
But the truth is that I have no right to whine at anyone except myself. (Sidenote: if you have whining friends who don’t have that awareness yet and are still blaming the other person, share this post with them.)
It’s our job to learn to implement boundaries.
It’s our responsibility and nobody else’s.
We have no right to blame the other person.
In certain situations, it requires a lot of courage to implement boundaries. We are programmed to believe that it’s not good to upset other people, that we have to suck it up. But that’s plain WRONG!
Don’t ever prostitute your energy in order not to upset someone!
Have the courage to put them straight. Courage strengthens you. Courage increases your self-worth MASSIVELY!
That courage is your responsibility.
I momentarily forgot that responsibility to myself and it was a great lesson to me in how people-pleasing takes me out of alignment.
So I wanted to share this insight with you.
Guard your space like a mofo.
That’s YOUR job.
Nobody else’s.
Learn to be okay with others feeling inconvenienced by your personal choices if they choose to feel inconvenienced – that’s their business, not yours.
They will find someone else’s energy to suck instead.
That’s what energy vampires do.
But if you are currently complaining about such a vampire, remember that the person that you are really upset with is yourself, not them.
They are your teacher.
Thank them for the lesson ?.
Or you can thank me.
Better still.. work with me. I will help you sort your priorities out and live a life where you feel solid, powerful and free.. and that feeling is PRICELESS!
Message me now to chat about my opening for a new 1:1 high-end client. It might have your name on it ?.

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