I had a mentor once who nearly seemed TOO happy to me!

I’m all for positivity, but this woman had what seemed like happiness on steroids!

I was fascinated by her, because she hadn’t always vibrated at that level of joy.

She had a rough past which, she shared, involved a lot of anger with her world.

Not only that… just a year prior to me working with her, she was critically ill with cancer in multiple organs.

But she then got what most people don’t.

She decided to risk it all (she went $80K in debt!) and train with the best of them in mindset work. She knew that the alternative was a very scary prospect so it felt like a matter of life and death to her.

She got it that WE GET TO CHOOSE our happiness… even when it feels hard or impossible.

I had great admiration for her strength of will. She was so committed in spite of her ongoing health challenges.. which gradually left her.

I remind myself of that when I catch my mind indulging in a thought pattern that doesn’t align with what I have committed to.

I have committed to TOTAL JOY as my predominant state.

I have committed to good health, brilliant communication, thriving relationships, financial freedom, not being controlled by fear and to having a strong spiritual practice.

I still have work to do of course, there will always be work to do, but I enjoy peeling back the layers and I’ll never quit doing that.

Because I know what my former mentor knew.

It’s the greatest truth that is so overlooked.

THIS is it:

You are choosing your state in every moment.

How you behave now dictates the next reality you experience.

What you are THINKING now is carving out your future.

You have the freedom to choose your response ALWAYS.

You cannot control the thoughts that arise, but you can control what you do with them once your recognise them.

A bad mood can show up.
It’s normal.
Pain is a part of life.
A necessary part of life.
But you are the one who gets to choose the response.

You get to choose whether to welcome it in as an opportunity to learn and grow from….

Or as a curse that’s there to plague you because you got dealt an unfair hand!

And I KNOW that this truth can trigger and infuriate some.

I know that it can bring up pain and sadness and helplessness if you are in a dark place.

But know that you still have the freedom to choose your response…. and to hit the reset button, ALWAYS!

When you see a person choosing happiness, don’t assume their current life is a bed of roses either.

You may not know how deep they had to go to draw on every ounce of strength they had to chooose joy and appreciation that day.

But here’s the good news for you, if you feel that committing to joy would feel near impossible for you.

It works like a game of dominos.

It gets easier and easier.

As you consciously and purposefully break through the patterns of negativity…

You wake up one morning and it all flows easier.

Joy becomes your new familiar state.

So if life throws up some new challenges, you know that you wont feel down for long.

It works just like money. If the mindset is there and you keep sharpening the saw CONSISTENTLY, it doesn’t matter if you lose everything, you will build it back up quickly (there are countless examples of that in the world!).

If you are ready to COMMIT FULLY to having JOY as your predominant experience, then I would love to help you to breakthrough FAST in a VIP intensive with me.

This is how it works:

You get to spend one whole day with me to identify the life you really want to be living and to COMMIT to making it happen FAST!

It starts either in person for an optional pre-breakfast workout, or over audio as soon as you wake up.

Yep! First thing in the morning is where we start creating our realities for that life-changing day.

That day will be the start of new behaviors that will RADICALLY upgrade your life.

Your VIP experience will take place in an upmarket VIP environment (naturally!) if it is in person here in Geneva (though meeting in another city is also an option at an additional cost) and it will unfold with you getting clearer on your vision and identifying and rapidly peeling back the layers of limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

You will get to zone in on and let go of the conditioning and thought and behavior patterns that keep you stuck where you are, experiencing only micro shifts that never lead to anywhere.

This time you get to commit to LONG-TERM CHANGE.

You get to commit to a new UPGRADED version of you with NO GOING BACK to the previous version of you!

You get to truly value the real you, the true potential you and know that you are worthy of receiving anything that you can conjure up in your mind that feels exciting to you.

The you that is hiding behind the fears that have kept you stuck until now.

After we hang out for an intensive VIP day, we keep the momentum going for 30 days after that via private voice and text messaging plus live Skype exchanges when needed – because I am deeply committed to your transformation! I will also keep you accountable by having you send your personalized daily affirmations through to me (which get defined at our VIP day).

Yes, this is HIGH LEVEL COMMITMENT and it’s not for the wishy-washy “best life wannabes”.

You are like me in that you know you are deserving of a thriving life and you are prepared to do what it takes to get there.

You also know that internal change and habit change is necessary in order to create a new external reality.

You don’t fear the level of commitment needed because you KNOW that that is what it takes to breakthrough.. and you feel MORE THAN WORTHY and MORE THAN READY for it!

This experience is not for you if:

– you expect that a transformation is guaranteed by going through this process with me and you don’t commit to doing your part in stepping up

– you aren’t ready to completely trust me and you allow yourself to buy into the story that you need to pull back on your level of commitment that you made for creating your new life. Trust and open communication is such a necessary part of our process together.

If you are still reading this, you’ve probably been following me for a while .. or even if you haven’t, you just KNOW that I will show up for you and hold that space that so many mentors have held for me… so you recognize that it’s your responsibility to share your fears and uncertainties as they crop up.. because crop up they will.

Your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe.
Your subconscious mind will RESIST change.
Your subconscious mind will do EVERYTHING IN IT’S POWER to justify why you couldn’t hold on to your newfound power and freedom.

But that’s okay… because we will have that covered!
We are ready for the resistance.
Together we will rise and form a collaborative relationship even after our intensive work together comes to a close.

Of course you will receive free access to all my existing programs plus whatever else gets created by me in 2017. Because that’s what being a VIP means.

Are you ready to elevate yourself to that status?

Are you ready to push through your fears and DECIDE that NOW is your time to make the life happen that you were born to live?

Well then I would love to support you!

Your investment is $5,000 for this experience which can be paid upfront or in 2 monthly installments fo $2,600.

It gets secured with a questionnaire and quick Skype call with me. I want to make sure that we are a fit first.

Message me now to make that call happen and I will share the finer details of your VIP experience when we chat.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

P.S. DIVE in wholeheartedly now and COMMIT if you are ready for a massive BOOST in your life to the point of no return from where you are currently at! Quick gut decisions are a necessary part of the RAPID TRANSFORMATION process. If you need to think about it for too long, don’t consider it because it needs to feel right from the start and you will need to commit with both feet fully in!