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You Want Success But Do You Really?

Yes that freedom lifestyle sounds great, but do you have what it takes to make it happen? Few do…
The better you are at managing risk, the more likely you are to succeed.
The more risk you take, the higher your chance of success, but there is a good chance that you are going to be in the trenches for a while.
How you handle yourself in there will dictate your success or lack thereof. That’s where most give up, hence my ‘few do’ comment above.
If you are an online coach who invested heavily in your business with little positive result so far, are you going to choose the “I don’t have what it takes, I’m a failure” narrative or are you going to choose to hold the tension and choose to figure it the f$*k out?
I remember several years ago an incredible mentor suggesting to me that I had an entitled attitude. I was deeply confused. I had done the work. Why wasn’t I earning millions yet? Now I look back on that old me and smile. I really was like a tantruming child.
But it’s not that difficult to solve this confusion. Those who succeed have particular behaviors, beliefs and attitudes. Figure out how yours are different to them and you’ll see how you can bridge the gap. The biggest culprit is dropping into blame instead of responsibility. If you start blaming, you start losing.
Success requires ongoing, committed, deep work.
There’s a lot to figure out.
I clearly knew that I wanted to help my clients get to their next level, but learning to speak directly to my ideal client in language that resonates directly with her, is only something I have recently got clear on again. I had to overcome a limiting belief of “I don’t want to leave people out”. It’s insane how these beliefs hold our businesses back!
So here she is now – my ideal client’s attitude described:
My ideal client values integrity with herself over her reputation.
She has an “I will do it until” attitude regarding her success.
She doesn’t cry over spilt milk.
She accepts it as part of the journey and it’s always a good learning.
She is committed to handling herself in the trenches like a pro.
She doesn’t care what family, friends, colleagues and blamey, non-risk-taking people think.
She accepts that it will take time.
She accepts that some moments will feel scary, confusing and deeply confronting.
But she embraces that as part of her journey.
Because she is committed to learning.
She is committed to bridging the gap between where she is now and where she wants to go NO MATTER WHAT.
She is above-average courageous.
She will stay in the goddamn kitchen because she can stand the heat! (for non-english mother tongues, google the “if you can’t stand the heat…” proverb)
She is also petrified in moments.. but she knows better than to let that rule her future.
She’s got what it takes – the crucial attitude – success no matter what!
She knows that others have it and so will she. Period. The end.
P.S. Want my help with getting you to that next level? I’m currently offering 90-minute planning sessions with 30 days voxer support. You will define the daily and weekly impactful tasks you need to take and create a strategic schedule. This process will be life-changing if you commit to it – which of course you will because you are determined to succeed. Message me on Facebook to avail of one of these sessions.

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