Ready For A Lighter Life?

If you are done with feelings of stress and the heaviness that go with the territory of humanhood and you want to get some practical tools and tips to help you navigate your life experience, then you are in the right place!

Life can feel incredibly hard sometimes – and scary.

Navigating a demanding professional life, keeping your health in check and making time and energy for your loved ones can all feel too much.

I get that – that’s why I do what I do. I help people to make the “too much” manageable.

If the words I share resonate with you and you’d like to understand who I can help you, get in touch and let’s get on a call to learn how I can support you. 

Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs


I was on my yoga mat yesterday morning doing poses that I’ve been doing since April 2020. I love yoga, but I’m pretty inflexible for some of the poses. I…

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Latest Programs

Online Entrepreneurs: Ready To Upgrade Your Fitness And Your Focus To Get The Transformation You Want?

If you are ready to:

– make a radical commitment to yourself to step up with your fitness, your focus, and your health
– stop accepting the excuses you have been convincing yourself are true
– never give up when the going gets tough (because it will!)

then this is for you!!!

Radically Committed is a 3-month 1:1 program for the brave entrepreneurs who have had enough mediocre results and are now prepared to take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for the life change they want.

Meet Yourself

A 10-Lesson Self-Study Program For Anyone Seeking A Deeper Life Meaning And Unshakeable Inner Harmony

Struggling or lonely in a love relationship?
In pain from the sting of rejection?
Too scared to commit because of fear of a future rejection?
Tired of failing in relationships and ready for a new approach?
Then it might be time to invest in a NEW kind of relationship… the highest kind – your relationship with your SELF.
This 10-lesson self-study program is for you if you are ready to work on your INNER zen. You’ll never find it “out there”. Trust me.

The Live Lighter Solution

Tired of the heaviness that comes with the responsibilities in your life?
Done with feeling like you are struggling to survive, never mind thrive?
Want to figure out effective ways to manage your life demands better and feel lighter in your body and mind?
Then The Live Lighter Solution is for you!

The Clarity, Courage And Commitment VIP Day

Tired of playing at the level you have been playing at and ready to shake things up FAST?
Want help with deciding the specifics of your future vision and with creating a plan to achieve it?
Ready to identify and overcome your perceived limitations so you definitely follow through and achieve your goals?
Then my VIP day with one month’s email follow-up is for you!

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