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To really go after what you want.. and I mean seriously. you’ve got to be a bit rigid. It sounds so boring, doesn’t it? Oxford dictionary defines it as ‘unable to bend or be forced out of shape; not flexible.’…

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Trust The Restlessness Inside Of You

From the outside, everything looks pretty good in your life.   If you were a coloring book, it might all be colored inside the lines pretty neatly…   Because that’s what you were taught to do.   You’ll get the…

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I Can And I Will

Negative Thought Addiction

In the pre-contemplative stage of addiction recovery, Bocadetox defines the following four types of contemplators in the first of 6 stages of change for addiction recovery as follows: Reluctant pre-contemplator: They lack awareness of their problem, as well as the…

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Beautiful Mother

Dear Beautiful Mother

I celebrate you today. I honor you for the brave choices you have made, the sleepless nights you endured, the sometimes exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming, and impossible to always get the right job of being a good mother. I honor you…

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Blood, Sweat And Tears

I realized this morning that it’s time to replace my yoga mat which made me sad. This mat is more than a piece of yellow cloth for me. It’s like a sacred shrine that I've had since 2016. There’s been…

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A lot is written on the subject of forgiveness and I don’t always agree with it. The main problem I have with some approaches is that they put you and leave you in the role of victim… which I believe…

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What Brilliance Means To Me

As I tried to figure out the guidelines on basecamp for giving this second Toastmasters speech just 3 days ago, I ran into a colony of technical gremlins and then a colony of mind gremlins.. I had a ‘system crash’.…

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My Personal Ironman

I thought I wanted to complete an ironman. An incredible American nun had completed several by the time she was 82. I thought that if an 80-year old nun can do that, I have ZERO excuses. It’s true that I…

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